Latest version of GStreamer breaks players

Alex Henry tukkek at
Thu Apr 5 17:11:48 UTC 2018

Hi, sorry to report a bug this way instead of using the reportbug tool but
it seems that its current version is broken on Debian testing (such that I
can't even report a bug for reportbug itself lol).

Since I updated my system yesterday, Amarok and Clementine (both music
players that depend on GStreamer) have stopped working. I have created
issues for both projects but it seems likely that the underlying cause is
with GStreamer itself, since other media players and applications that
don't depend on GStreamer seem to be working normally (to name a couple,
mplayer and VLC):

   - Clementine bug report
   - Amarok bug report

I also noticed that there doesn't seem to be a GStreamer-pulseaudio package
on testing (buster) at this time, so it would seem that something is
holding it back on unstable - I have looked briefly through the bug reports
and mailing list archives but didn't find anything of note on that regard.

If anyone with a functioning bugreport could report this officially to the
BTS, I'd appreciate it, since it's likely that the current testing version
of GStreamer is completely breaking 2 packages (at the very least). Thanks
for any help in getting to the root of this issue!
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