Peace be with you the faithful

Mr Desmond Williams desondwalliams at
Thu Jan 4 07:34:43 UTC 2018

Peace be with you the faithful

Please accept my sincere apology if this message does not meet your personal ethics as i had to contact you via this medium because I desperately need to get in touch with someone as you who may be remotely associated or connected as a relative of one of our late customer here in the Bank who used to be a contractor with an oil servicing company based here in Cote Ivoire.  but died in a plane mishap in Venezuela 16/8/2005 which has just come to the limelight in our bank not quite long now .

Since the incident of this his death, his portfolio and investment worth over 9.8 millions Pounds has not been touched because no named next-of-kin was found in his bio-data form. Now, this investment has generated a very good interest in British Pounds as he was operating a domiciliary GBP accounts with our bank . The bank management has therefore authorized me as the person in charge of this investment portfolio to locate any living relative of this investor so that the funds can be paid to the family of the late investor in line with the banking ethics and standard  practice . 

I have therefore approached you strictly on a mutual consent business proposal to facilitate the processing and claims of this  investment portfolio while i will provide you with priviledged insider information . I will simply nominate and provide you with insider priviledged relevant information and documentations to enable you claim the funds  as my inability to locate any known relative will invariably empower the bank to revert / re-circle these funds into the bank treasury as unclaimed funds and people that know nothing about the source of the funds will spend it as that is the irony of the banking industry which is purely aberrational.

Respond back to me immediately you receive this email so that I shall provide you with further needed details.

Bear in mind that this is strictly a deal and i am only offering you a hand to facilitate the process and the proceeds shall be evenly shared between us .

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Desmond Williams .

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