[Pkg-haproxy-maintainers] Wheezy backport and 1.5 in experimental

Vincent Bernat bernat at debian.org
Tue May 14 21:09:05 UTC 2013

 ❦ 14 mai 2013 07:45 CEST, Apollon Oikonomopoulos <apoikos at gmail.com> :

> Now that 1.4 is in unstable, I think it's a good time to discuss our 
> release policy. I was thinking of providing the latest stable in 
> unstable and backport it to wheezy as soon as it hits testing.  
> Furthermore we could provide the latest 1.5 in experimental. From what I 
> recall from the debian-release discussion, this is the plan Vincent had 
> as well.

Yes, that's a good plan. ;-)

> To that end, we will need three branches, say:
>  • master (unstable)
>  • wheezy
>  • experimental
> We could use the same upstream branch for both 1.4 and 1.5, what do you 
> think? I've already started doing some work on 1.5 using the same 
> upstream branch, would you like me to push?

I don't quite understand how we could share the same upstream branch. It
will get messy once we have 1.5-dev18 then 1.4.24 then 1.5-dev19. It
will work but it will be quite strange. I don't know if there is a best
practice here. I would prefer to use a separate upstream branch. Maybe
it's possible to teach git-buildpackage which upstream branch to use
when using some debian branch (experimental -> upstream-1.5).

Also, for the version number, be sure to use something like "1.5~dev18"
so that we don't run into any problem when 1.5 is out.
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