Bug#383715: [pkg-horde] Bug#383715: Can't login to imp4 with imap, although horde works fine.

Taco IJsselmuiden taco at varda.nl
Sun Aug 20 21:38:47 UTC 2006

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On Sun, 20 Aug 2006, Ola Lundqvist wrote:

> I have looked at the configuration and it seems to be just fine.
My thought exactly :-)

> The only difference from my setup is the following:
> * You use localhost as imap host in config files.
Yep. And localhost is working.

> * You have set up maildomain = 'xxxxxxx.tld' and smtphost='xxxxxxx.tld'.
>  Is tld the ending you want?
It's actually a different domain, but i changed it for privacy reasons :-)

> * You use uw-imapd and I use courier.
yep, that's a difference....

> So what you need to make sure is:
> * That access to imaps (ssl enabled imap) is allowed from localhost to
>  localhost. Do you have thunderbird located locally?
Yep, and both using localhost and using a FQDN works flawlessly using SSL.
That's the strange thing: i can use thunderbird without a problem and i 
can easily login to horde, while using the same imap-server and the same 

> What you can try while searching for the problem:
> 0) Look into the logs for horde and uw-imap.
> 1) Enable logging, and look into the logs.
horde-logs don't add much useful info, but uw-imapd-logs say

Aug 20 23:33:00 iluvatar imapd[21803]: connect from (
Aug 20 23:33:00 iluvatar imapd[21804]: connect from (

So definetely a double connect on submit ...

> 2) Check if imap withous ssl works.
same symtoms: long wait (1 minute, i would say) and then i get 
an (empty) redirect.php :-(

> 3) Change from uw-imap to courier (or some other imap daemon).
i've just tried dovecot (which totally doesn't work :-), but i'll try 
something like courier/cyrus later this week, although i doubt that's 
where the problem is....

I'll also try to find where in the code the login-process starts to 'hang' 
to get a better picture of what's going on....

Update later this week (i hope) :-)

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