[pkg-horde] Horde Maintainers Team

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Sat Jan 28 11:44:42 UTC 2006


I noticed you are the maintainer of Horde packages, namely gollem and
chora2. We have recently created a Horde Maintainers Team for Debian
(on alioth). Would you like to join the team and have your horde
packages handled by the team? That last sentence is a bit confusingly
written, so let me explain how we intend to work: We really, really
want to avoid the situation where packages are maintained by an
egalitarian team where everybody is responsible of everything and thus
everybody relies on the others to do the job and thus nothing
happens. So we want every package to have one "real" maintainer who
feels responsible for it; the others in the team *can* help out and do
uploads. In the case of your current horde packages, that "real"
maintainer would naturally be you.

We have a GNU Arch repository for the packages on arch.debian.org.

Technically, we put the Mailing List in the "Maintainer:" field and
people in "Uploaders:"; this is the easiest way to guarantee that
everyone stays up to date on what happens with the packages (bug
reports, ...).


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