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Thu Jul 13 09:57:00 UTC 2006

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 I am JOHN OBI , Telex/Money transfer Director
ofNigeria apex Bank (Central Bank Of Nigeria). Since
myassumption of office on appointment by
thepresentDemocratic Government, I have been able to
ream theimage of this Nation by offsetting most
overduecontract sums owed by the Federal Government
ofNigeria to foreign contractors in the past years.
Onthe process of these payments, I discovered
throughinvestigation that my predecessor attempted to
moveout the above-mentioned sum outside Nigeria but
wasunable as he was removed out of office unaware,
Now, Ihave concluded all necessary arrangements for
thesmooth transfer of the money to your account on
trust.Contacting you on this issue became imperative
owingto recommendations through an acceptance of
good integrity and trustworthiness as I came across in
yourparticulars through a Foreigner who describe as
anhonest man. The fund originated from the balance of
anover-invoiced sum of which the principal sum
hadbeenpaid to foreign company that executed the
contractsome years ago. This fund has been floating in
a suspense account with Central Bank of Nigeria
(CBN)for a long period of time and I as the Director
ofTelex/Money Transfer Department of CBN in the
courseof my duty discoveredthis fund and decided to
transferit outside Nigeria through a trustworthy
partner whowill share the fundwith me on 30% to 70%
basis.Therefore, what is required from you is to
forwardinyour confidential bank particulars where this
fundwill be transferred. As you will have 30% of
the22million US dollars after a successful
transferintoyour account abroad, part of my 70% will
be usedon importation of valuable goods and
ofcars through you in Nigeria. Note: that
thistransaction is risk free and will be concluded
within14 working days and the money be remitted into
youraccount. Please contact me on this e-mail
address(dr_john330 at yahoo.com}. Also send me
yourtelephone/fax numbers if you have. Also
includeyourstreet address. Please if you are
interested inthis proposal, as well as if not, do not
hesitate tolet me know in time.
Thanks in advance for a mutualand fruitful business
Truly yours

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