[pkg-horde] Bug#431207: horde3: won't work after re-install

Gregory Colpart reg at evolix.fr
Sat Jun 30 17:23:28 UTC 2007

Package: horde3
Severity: normal
Tags: moreinfo


Please, when you have a bug, report it on bugs.debian.org with
all classical informations (severity, accurate versioni,
description...) and not in pkg-horde-hackers list (I forward this
bug for you on b.d.o).

On Wed, Jun 27, 2007 at 03:54:49PM +1000, Mark Berndt wrote:
> *Horde 3.1.3 debian packages on etch amd64 as part of kolab installation
> System installed ok and worked, then package accidentally removed with
> apt due to a dependency, then re-installed with apt-get install
> --reinstall horde3
> Horde now gives the following error on startup:

> [...]
> *Fatal error*: main() [function.require
> <http://dorus.woodwind-group.com.au/horde3/function.require>]: Failed
> opening required '/etc/horde/horde3/../templates/common-header.inc'
> (include_path='/usr/share/horde3/lib:.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear')
> in */usr/share/horde3/services/portal/index.php* on line *45

> [...]
> It looks to me as though a path is not being set correctly somewhere.

Templates path is from registry.php horde file and the default
value in debian package is : '/usr/share/horde3/lib' . '/../templates'
Did you change this value?

> I posted this to the horde list and chuck referred the problem to the debian list:
> Definitely. You need to talk to the debian maintainers, though, since  
> that file layout is completely re-jiggered from how Horde is  
> distributed.
> -chuck

We distribute registry.php file with this substitutions (to be
Debian policy compliant):

cat config/registry.php.dist | \
    sed -e "s/'fileroot' *=> *dirname(__FILE__)/'fileroot' => '\/usr\/share\/horde3\/lib'/"| \
    sed -e "s/'templates' *=> *dirname(__FILE__)/'templates' => '\/usr\/share\/horde3\/lib'/"| \
    sed -e "s/webroot *= * '\/horde';/webroot = '\/horde3';/"

Then, this substitutions are not the reasons of your errors.

At least, note I verify aptitude install horde3 && aptitude
reinstall and I don't see any problem with templates path.

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