[pkg-horde] Reach Me Urgently

Abdul abdulkhal05 at excite.com
Sat Oct 6 10:22:13 UTC 2007

For security reasons I can't disclose my full identity to you until I<br> am sure of your cooperation. One of the customers whom I worked as his accountofficer was a wealthy diamond merchant from the neighboring Country.He had lost his family during the during the Sierra Leone war and had managed to escape to this country with his wealthy intact.<br> Unfortunately he died last year. Because of his goodness to me when he was alive, I took it up myself to travel to his country last month to see if can locate any of his close relations. On reaching there I discovered that his only surviving uncle died a few months back.I sponsored this trip on my own and nobody in the bank knew I undertook this journey because I did not present any official report based on it.Now there are two things I can do with regards to the dead man's money. First I could formally notify the authorities that the man is dead and has no nextofkin.<br> In this case the funds would be forfeited to the 
government after <br>sometime.As a matter of fact this is the proper thing I am supposed to do. Another option is to arrange for someone else, a foreigner to act as the nextofkin of the late man so that he will claim the money. This option that I can take to help anybody and myself since the money came from public-fund in his country. Actually he was a close ally to the late brutal military president that looted the government treasury to his fill. This is the reason why I have chosen to do it and want you to be my partner to realize my aim. All you have to do is to act as the<br> nextofkin of the dead man and we can claim it(15mUSDollars).You are also obliged to help/advise on the proper and most convenient way of<br> investing it in your country.<br>For personal reasons reply to (khd.abdul57 at yahoo.es)<br><br>Khalid.<br><br>

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