[pkg-horde] Bug#445406: Bug#445406: login to horde3 fails due to wrong cookie path

tom bug at users.ch.eu.org
Sat Oct 13 18:13:40 UTC 2007

Gregory Colpart wrote:

> Please don't open a new bug, you should just add your new
> comments in #433458. BTW horde3/unstable is fixed, and

ok, thanks.

> horde3/etch won't be fixed (it is not a security bug and it is

?? So you mean that the common debian user (who wants stable) will not
be able to use horde because he will not find this info? The comment in
#433458 that this is an upstream problem is invalid. It is debian who
changed the path from horde to horde3. It is the debian readme file that
needs to document this.

> well documented in wiki.debian.org/Horde and in official Horde FAQ).

no. It is poorly documented. You have the chance to fix this by applying
my (corrected) patch. Nobody will get hurt, and some might thank you for it.

>> -A good guide for Setting-up Horde on debian can be found on
>> -http://wiki.debian.org/Horde
> Huh, why do you remove this sentence?

I did not remove it, I added it. But I totally messed-up the patch.
Sorry about that. I could send you a correct one. Just tell me if you
want to fix this bug.

>> -   You can change this setting if you wish. If you do that, however,
>> -   you must also change the cookie path in /etc/horde/horde3/conf.php
>> -   or you'll hit http://wiki.horde.org/FAQ/Admin/Troubleshoot#toc3
>> +   You can change this setting if you wish.
> [Same comment as above]

No, sorry. README.Debian never mentions the horde wiki nor the
debian/horde wiki. _I_ added this part. In fact, that's what this bug
report is about. As I said, I screwed-up the patch

>> +   Make sure to use a fqdn as HOSTNAME (eg localhost.localdomain instead of
>> +   just localhost) or you might not be able to log into horde.
> Is it related to this bug? I don't think so, then you should open
> a new bug for this with more explanation (I don't known what you
> want to say here).

Yes it is. If you use firefox to connect to "localhost/horde3", it still
doesn't work. You have to connect to "localhost.localdomain/horde3".
Otherwise, the session cookie is not presented to the server. And
session cookies are the issue of this bug report.

>> --- conf.php.old	2007-10-05 15:56:41.000000000 +0200
>> +++ conf.php	2007-10-05 15:56:30.000000000 +0200
> There is no conf.php file in horde3 package.

borg:~# dpkg-query -S /etc/horde/horde3/conf.php
horde3: /etc/horde/horde3/conf.php


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