E-Commerce Foundation International. ecomfint at aim.com
Wed Oct 17 01:23:21 UTC 2007

E-Commerce Foundation International.
Head Office: Brusselsesteenweg 231
             B-9030 overijse
Regional Office: Heidelberglaan 2
                 3481 CS, Utrecht
                 The Netherlands.

Attention: You are a winner in our Email Sweepstakes programme.

E-commerce Foundation International is an internet usage promoter
 volunteer. It is approved by relevant regional, continental and
 international authorities.

This organization is largely sponsored and financed by big and
 prominent internet engine operators. Our lottery programme is aimed at
 the less privileged and other users of the internet as well as
 encourages transactions and communications through the internet to
 foster the
 ultimate goal of our sponsors and major financiers.

However, in our last email ballot draw recently conducted where
 e-ticket and batch numbers were assigned to the over 350,000 email
 randomly selected from all countries around the world and used for the
 sweepstake, your email was one of the successful in the first category
 draw. Your
 E-ticket number is 36 4 780 800ECF, Batch Number: EU-LW178904 and
 winning numbers are 69-2-71-09. Congratulations!!!

Note, First category winners are entitled to a pay out of $2,800,000.00
 (Two million eight hundred thousand U.S Dollars) Only. Second category
 winners are entitled to a pay out of $1,800,000.00(one million, eight
 hundred thousand U.S Dollars) Only. While, Third Category winners are
 entitled to a pay out of $1,000,000.00 (one million U.S Dollars) only.

By virtue of the above categorization, you have won the
 sum of $2.8 million U.S Dollars.

You are therefore required to send your details as will be enumerated
 below to the Claims processing coordinator

Professor Mander Bouw of E-commerce Foundation International
Tel: +31 619 317 420
Email: ecommercefound at aim.com

The details required of you are:

Your full names: Last Name, First name, other names.

Full Address:

Telephone contact:

Reconfirm your email address:


Yours faithfully

Marijm Vancosky.
Executive secretary E-Commerce Foundation International

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