[pkg-horde] package based preconfiguration

Carl Fürstenberg azatoth at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 13:14:57 UTC 2008

Hello hackers,

I'm working for excito (excito.com) for the new version of bubba
(BubbaTwo), and we have decided to use horde/dimp as base for webmail,
but also including some of the other projects of horde.

As the system is fully debian based, it would be useful to be able to
use the horde package you make directly, but as the packages include
unconfigured configuration files in /etc, it's impossible to create
packages that utilizes the horde packages to create a functional setup
directly without any manual post configuration. An other thing we are
going to do is  to use IMP as login, and as it is at the moment, that
would result in circular dependences.

My idea to solve this issue, and to provide posibillity to apply
packages to configure horde, is to split each package onto two parts,
one containing the basic configuration, and one that only contains the
static parts. For example would the horde3 package be splitted into
horde3-base and horde3 (or hord3-config depending on what's best),
where the horde3 package depends on horde3-base, and imp2-base depends
only on horde3-base, so you could create an horde3-imp2 package that
provides horde3 and imp3, and depends on hord3-base and imp2-base.

Hope you understand my reasoning, but if it's any problem, please ask
me for more brain power :)

/Carl Fürstenberg <azatoth at gmail.com>

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