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Ref#: 2637G/7129B/M2856

Ever heard of working online full / part time from home? Here is your
chance.Its a part time
Job,that allows you to keep your previous job as well as work for us. You
don't need any special
training, you don't need any qualification(s).
This is a job that can be done as a second job, all you need is a working
phone (cell phones or
fixed lines) and a very good internet connection.
Atkins Woods Industries has for the past 18 years supplied to prospective
Companies and
individuals in North America and Europe Wood Finishing Machines, ranging
from and the following


Complete Paper Machines
Converting Machines
Finishing Machines
Stock Preparation
Machinery (Used and Reconditioned)
Automatic Reel Turn-Up Systems
Dewatering Presses/Reject Compactors
Sand Separators
Reject Trommels
Self Cleaning/Unblockable Dirt Trap Valves

Your role in this endeavor is to serve as our agent, we shall send you a
list of Customers that are
assigned to you, you will be required to contact and confirm their goods as
well as their payment
Most of the goods have been supplied to Customer is much likely you will be
outstanding payments from these Customers.From the payment received, you
will be sent a
letter of aurthorization from our Company to deduct 10% as service charge
which is your pay(e.g
When you recieve a payment of £3000,your pay is £300 or a payment of
$3000,your pay is
$300).You can recieve as much as 10 payments in a month,calculate how much
you would earn
and i am sure you would love this job.
Please acknowledege this mail so that I can send you our approval.
Note: Endeavour to indicate your reference number as stated above in all of
your correspondence
with us and pls let us know your present Residential Address, Postal
Address, the country you
reside in, Phone Number(Home & Land) and Full Name.

Thanks in advance
Ronald Ramos
Atkins Woods
laurabaristow03 at gmail.com
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