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Tue Jul 28 15:57:43 UTC 2009

Abidjan=2CCote d'ivoire
West Africa=20
In confidence=2CI have to introduce myself for I am Miss Tatiana Mankara=2C=
 the only child of late Chief and Christian Mankara=2C I wish to request fo=
r your assistance in my efforts to procure the transfer of my inherited fun=
ds for investment ventures Overseas.=20
I have Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4=2C500=2C000.00) here =
in my name with one of the prime banks here and I will require your assista=
nce in receiving the transfer of the funds in your local account for invest=
ment purposes.=20
As it is my desire to come over to your country to further my education whi=
le you take care of the investment of the money. I will be very appreciativ=
e if you can return to me with=20
urgent dispatch to enable me advise you on the modalities.
I await in anticipation to receive your immediate response.=20
My Kind Regards!
Miss Tatiana Mankara=20

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