[pkg-horde] Migration from GNU Arch to Git

Gregory Colpart reg at evolix.fr
Sun Mar 15 17:00:38 UTC 2009


I'm happy to announce that Horde Debian packaging is now
migrating from GNU Arch to Git. Why am I happy? Because, Git has
a lot of cool features, but the most important for Horde Debian
packaging is the impressive speed of Git (GNU Arch is so slooow,
for example just try to see horde--sid--3--patch-100 in
ArchZoom[1]). Why Git? Ola and me are the most active pkg-horde
hackers, and we choose Git because it's a good and popular tool
and it's now used by Horde upstreams.

Technically, I try to import history from GNU Arch. For now, only
horde3 package is ready in our new Git repository[2].

I will rewrite soon my old packaging guidelines[3] for using Git
and describe how the repository is organized (branches, useful
tip, etc.). Waiting this doc, you can see directly in the
repository[2] and give me your comments.


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