[pkg-horde] GET BACK TO ME,

MOORE WOGAN moorewogan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 08:48:35 UTC 2010

Dear Godly friend,

I am Moore Wogan i was touched by God to make a free donation of my fortune inherited from my late wife. I am talking of $15,000,000 US dollar 

in my account which i have meant for A good charitable work of God to less privilege (Orphans, patients, earthquake victims, widows, disabled, 

war victims etc) among us through your contact. I sort your contact by the special grace of God and used this possible means 

to reach you because I can not talk on telephone regarding my illness. Please, hark to this humble letter from me
I lost my wife without a child on a brief illness last five yeas ego and i am suffering from a 

paralytic Stroke and muscles spasms which effected my ability to walk or stand with my fit. 

For long now I have been suffering from the pains and agony of the illness hence i can,t walk with my fit again, I have 

undergone series of authopedic and muscles treatments but no improvement. Recently my doctor declared that I will not last for the next two Months 

and my living is unpredictable. Besides, I am not sure of my recovery; By the special grace of God i wish to make a generous 

offer of this sum (USD$15. Million) through you. I want you to carry out this solemn work of God on my behalf with fear of 

God because my days are numbered and i can not continue. I declare 30% of the total money for your personal use While 70% of 

the money will go to the charity work.

I will give you the contact address of my bank as soon as I am convinced of your honesty. Moreover, further discussion on 

this matter will require your official presence to change the related documents to your name of course my illness will not 

allow me to move out of this hospital bed, meanwhile the bank will also request for your present to sign the release order 

document considering the amount involved ($15,000,000.00 US). On this reason you will make arrangement to undertake 3/4 

working days in order to meet with my lawyer to enable him make sure that you are properly handed over the fund to go on with 

the charity project. 

I hope my letter will find you in a suitable health situation. Don't forget always pray for me because all my hope to survive 

is in the hand of God the author and finisher of my life, i hope to hear from you soon. 

Best wishes and warm regard,
Mr Moore Wogan.

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