[pkg-horde] Message from Vivian Adams Quickly Reply

Vivian Adams vivian.ad89 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 02:27:19 UTC 2010


We've set up a web office for vivi and we want you to join. 
Here's a personal message from Vivian Adams:

Good Day
I am sorry to worry you with my situation, although it will also
be profitable to you. 
I am Vivian Adams a young girl of 21years and the only
child of late. Col Greg. Before my fathers death he deposit 12.5million
USD in a bank and I want you to help me receive the money as my beneficiary
and invest it for me since I have no ideal in business. Reply to
vivian.ad89 at yahoo.com for more details. Miss Vivian Adams 


A web office is like a private website -- only people who join can
see what's there. We can use the site to share files, pictures, and
links, coordinate events, and keep everyone up-to-date on important
group announcements. You don't need anything special to connect to
the site; just a web browser and an Internet connection. But you
do need to sign up to become a member. 

Here's how to join... 

1. Go to http://vivi89.webexone.com/register_member.asp
2. Fill out the information on the new member form using the Registration
Code: dmX2aT

3. That's it!

Just make sure that when you enter the Registration Code, you type
it just like it's shown above because it is case-sensitive. Also,
be sure to keep the Registration Code private because anyone who
knows it can join the web office.

Enjoy your web office!

Get everyone on the same page. SM

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