[pkg-horde] From: Barrister Asika Jibril.

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Tue Sep 21 17:29:30 UTC 2010

From: Barrister Asika Jibril.  
Chief Legal Practitioner, Asika Jibril  Chambers.  
160 Eric Moore Street Surulere, Lagos . Nigeria.  
Tel: +234-1-856732, Mobile Phone: +234-806-035-6202 

 Dear Sir,  

Good day. I have said it before. I am again repeating the same thing. 2010 must be different. I hope that this 2010 will be a Blessing to you and you can at least get your Accrued Interest Fund of 3.5Million United States Dollars. It all depends on you. Take my advice. I will do my best to assist you here as an Attorney. Read my message carefully and get back to me so that I can proceed. I have spoken to you about this over the phone three days ago and you asked me to write you an email.  

It’s unfortunate that I have communicated to you over this development before several times but you seem not willing to follow my instructions. You preferred dealing with criminals and crooks. A person who does not listen to advice will continuously be deceived. Be strong and focused. Do not let them announce that you are dead and get the money out to their cronies as your Next of Kin.  

I am a father and will like to advise you that you should not be gullible to impostors who masquerade as Government Officials with fake documents, fake stamps and bogus logos because having seen your details exposed on the gazette, they might be contacting you in order to deceive you. I will only hope that you will appreciate my kind advice and reciprocate my efforts when you are paid. I will want you to be paid before the end of this month of September 2010. As an Attorney, I can still direct you the right path to follow and at least get your accrued interest paid. Yes I know that there are lots of corrupt people in this Country but I will direct you on how to get your Accrued Interest Fund.  

After my enquiries, I have decided to follow up and get the Accrued Interest Fund on your behalf which is 3.5million USD paid to you. It is easier and quicker to get this Accrued Interest Fund release to you. I believe that half a loaf of bread is better than none. Let us get the 3.5 Million Dollars first.  

All I need is for you to reciprocate my hard work once you safely receive the Accrued Interest Fund in your Bank and also for you to assist my family in any possible way to make life comfortable for us. I will be willing to travel and meet you in your country once you are paid.  

I wait to hear from you so that I can proceed and ensure you are paid within Twenty Bank working days. Please I must warn you to stop responding to solicitations by impostors and corrupt officials. Whether by faxes, emails, phone calls do not respond to them. Please dismiss them as fickle, worthless, baseless, and unwarranted.  

I completely detest, reject, oppose and denounce all the evils that have been meted out to you. It’s my irrevocable resolve to assist you receive this payment this month.  
Reply immediately so that I can give you further details and how we can achieve success as quick as possible. You can also call me on my mobile phone +234-806-035-6202. Waiting for your response.  

Kind regards and God bless.  
Barrister Asika Jibril.  
Tel: +234-1-856732, Mobile 
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