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please do not be surprise to receive this email.

My name is Kenneth Johnson; I am from Liberia, but presently living in
Gambia with my little sister Haddy, due to our condition since the death of
our parent. However, I write to seek your help and cooperation to help us
retrieve our consignment box (money) which is in the custody of a delivery
agent who brought it to your country after Mr.Hassan Hamid disappointed us
out of his greediness.

At first, we agreed to compensate him with 20% of the total sum of the money
which is US$5.5Million Dollars, but he later disliked our initial agreement
with him and demanding for 60% of the total sum. Please, if you can
assist/help us retrieve the consignment box (money) from the diplomat, as he
does not know the content of the consignment, we will be very happy to
compensate you with 25% of the total sum.

Furthermore, I will give you the contact details of the delivery agent there
in your country so that you can speak with him and then take delivery of the
consignment box (fund) from him on our behalf and then help us to process
our travelling documents so that we can relocate to your country to continue
our education. Please, I would also need an experienced person like you to
assist us set up; develop a good investment project that will yield us
profit, before we conclude our education. You will be in charge of the
investment and you will also be entitled to a percentage agreed upon from
the investment.

I am expecting your urgent response. Please call us immediately you get hold
of this email +220 7710830

Thank you and God bless,
Kenneth Johnson & Haddy
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