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Mon Aug 22 09:53:42 UTC 2011

Dear Sir or Madam:
Our company is specialized in producing plastic cards in many years and export to the countries all over the world. We are famous for producing high quality cards. our price is very competitive because we are manufactory.
As for the price of our plastic card, we quote as follows:
Size : 85.5mm x 54mm x 0.76mm (Standard Size 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" x 30 MIL Thickness)
QTY:100 PCS ,    Unit price: USD 0.496
QTY:300 PCS ,    Unit price: USD 0.178
QTY:500 PCS ,    Unit price: USD 0.115
QTY:1000 PCS ,   Unit price: USD 0.071
QTY:2000 PCS ,   Unit price: USD 0.055
QTY:3000 PCS ,   Unit price: USD 0.049
QTY:5000 PCS ,   Unit price: USD 0.044
QTY:8000 PCS ,   Unit price: USD 0.038
QTY:10000 PCS ,  Unit price: USD 0.033
QTY:20000 PCS ,  Unit price: USD 0.032
please enter the keywords "gzhuanghepingnmr-card company" onto the google.com, you will get more detail information.
Email:1634712733 at qq.com
All of our card:
plastic card
PVC card
member card 
vip card
telecom card
magnetic stripe card
barcode card
scratch card
product warranty card
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photo ID card
business card
gaming card
gift card
smart card
contact IC card
contactless IC card
RFID card
non standard card
hang tag luggage tag 
metal card
Gold-plating card
Silver-plating card
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