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wrobel at pardus.de wrobel at pardus.de
Tue Jan 25 09:52:23 UTC 2011

Dear list,

seems like I have to reply to my own mail :)

Can anybody indicate to me if this list is still active in any way? Or  
should I use other means in order to contact the horde package  

In any case you'll find more information about the current progress below...

Zitat von Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at pardus.de>:

> Hello list!
> Mathieu Parent directed me to this group as I'm currently pondering  
> on how to build Horde4 packages.
> Let me give you a short introduction concerning myself: I have been  
> Horde developer for several years now and I am responsible for the  
> bridge between Horde and the Kolab groupware server. For Horde3 this  
> integration turned out to be quite a hack for several reasons. I'm  
> aiming at improving this code significantly for Horde4 (which is  
> currently in preparation). At the same time I would like to see  
> packages for this as early as possible.
> For Debian I would like to be able to:
>  - ensure that Horde4 can be installed without problems
>  - ensure that getting Horde4 up and running on an SQL backend is as easy
>    as possible
>  - ensure that getting Horde4 up and running on a Kolab backend is as easy
>    as possible
> At the moment I'm not much of a Debian packager which is why I  
> contact you here. I have packaging experience from being a Gentoo  
> maintainer and I did the RPM packages for the Kolab server. So maybe  
> I can be kind of an interface between you and the Horde developer  
> crowd.
> For Horde4 one of the areas I have been busy with was PEAR  
> packaging. Not because I love PEAR that much but it seems to be the  
> only reasonable packaging solution for PHP at the moment. And I do  
> love decent packaging.
> In principle it would probably still be possible to package Horde4  
> as one base package (that include the framework) and the Horde  
> applications. But I'd be happy to see the base application being  
> split up into the different framework components and the horde base.  
> The applications would remain as they are. Both release models will  
> be supported by the Horde team for Horde4. Would you see the high  
> number of resulting packages when splitting the framework as a  
> problem?
> Packaging should in fact be near to trivial. The continuous  
> integration system I set up for horde (http://ci.horde.org) includes  
> packaging + dependencies into the various builds. If the  
> dependencies the Horde developers note in the package.xml files are  
> incorrect the likelihood that the build is failing is high.
> Consequently it was quite easy to get a small script that snapshots  
> a Horde module from git and prepares it as an RPM package for the  
> kolab server. This is also automated at http://dev2.pardus.de:8080
> At the moment I'd like to get something similar set up for Debian. I  
> just don't know what the best way of getting there would be. If  
> possible it should involve the Debian horde hackers as early as  
> possible so that you can take an early look and may comment if  
> things are going into the wrong direction.

This has been completed now. You can access the continuous build system
at http://dev2.pardus.de:9080/

The source for the system is at https://github.com/wrobel/debian-horde-ci
and in principle you should be able to get the same system up and running
with few steps. I guess I have been the only one using this so far so
I assume there would still be a few issues though.

The system certainly does not (yet) generate top-notch Debian packages but
that is also not the intention. I assume any release on the Debian side
would require manual work on the packages anyhow. But what I'm aiming
for is a decent boiler plate for getting such release packages quickly.

So I'd like to continue to improve the quality of these continuously
generated packages so that they fit the Debian packaging rules better.
For that it would be great if there'd be a contact on the Debian side that
I can work with.

I imagine that we would/could also invest some work on the Horde code in
order to allow easier packaging. But there is just one month left for this
type of work. Then the Horde team will be on its way to the release of
Horde4 which will happen on the 5th of April 2011.

Hope to get some feedback!



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