[pkg-horde] Dear Friend

Ms Ashley William rektor at unib.ac.id
Fri Oct 14 08:24:50 UTC 2011

Dear Friend,

 Your contact came to me through a friend who does international business between countries.But I was careful not to reveal to him why I needed a competent foreign link in the person of your respected self.
    To introduce myself, I am Ms Ashley William, of the Ministry of Health in Mauritius.Though constrained by inadequate information about you, I am relying on your genuineness and sincerity,in all aspects.
   The transaction in question of which I am about to reveal to you,emanated from over-invoicing of contract awarded in my ministry for the supplies of medical equipment and quality health programs.
   In the course of the contract awarded and executed,the approvals and payments were completed on my directives Nicholas west: knowing fully that my commission will be paid out as agreed to a receiving vault as deposited valuables.
  For full details, please kindly respond to my email addresses below:
 E-mail: ashleywilliamz at live.com
 Ms Ashley William

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