[pkg-horde] Bug#683554: RM: horde3 and reverse dependencies -- ROM; Obsolete version

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 16:37:03 UTC 2012

clone 683554 -1
reassign -1 wnpp
retitle -1 RFP: pear-horde-channel -- PEAR Horde channel definition file
block 683554 by -1

2012/8/2 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <tolimar at debian.org>:
> Hi again!

Hi, again ;-)

> However, there seems to be a problem with:
>> horde3
> Trying to remove it results in:
> # Broken Depends:
> php-kolab-filter: php-kolab-filter
> php-kolab-freebusy: php-kolab-freebusy
> # Broken Build-Depends:
> php-horde-[replaced by]*: pear-horde-channel

> Breaking php-kolab-filter and php-kolab-freebusy is probably okay, as
> you requested their removal from testing, however all the build-depends
> on pear-horde-channel look like a problem.  Maybe I missed something,
> but I couldn't find an other package providing pear-horde-channel, nor
> is there dummy package available build from a higher horde version.
> Could you please check, that removing horde3 won't result in a lot FTBFS
> bugs?

Oh, I forgot this one! This is a very tiny package consisting of only
one file (/usr/share/php/.channels/pear.horde.org.reg). We[1] should
probably create a new source package, like pear-phpunit-channel and

Before that, keep horde3 in unstable (I have created an RFP blocking this bug).

Mathieu Parent

[1]: anyone?

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