[pkg-horde] Wheezy lacks Horde

Marc Dequènes (Duck) duck at duckcorp.org
Sun Aug 5 16:55:08 UTC 2012


Quoting Raphael Hertzog <hertzog at debian.org>:

> In my experience, the RT rarely pre-approve freeze exceptions without much
> more details of the change. And if you want an answer, you'd rather ask a
> more formal questions than just add a CC to their list.

I was not asking for a freeze exception yet. I do think the RT should  
have been warned of this kind of problem before. At least I would like  
to if i was in.

> I don't think that we want call for help on d-d-a for each package needing
> some love. I would suggest:

It seems the team lacks workforce a lot, when no one reply to  
repetitive requests, so this is probably not a Horde-specific problem.  
Other teams sometimes mailed d-d-a for opened positions, so why not  
this one ?


Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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