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Elilian Yao elilianyao at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Jul 19 15:48:25 UTC 2012


How are you and your family that are very important to me? My name is Elilian Yao, I need your assistant to relocation and transferring of my inheritance money in to the account you will help me to provide or set up in your country, So that i can come to where you are , continue my education and be living peacefully with your family and you will also help me to use part the money to set up an investment in your country and the gain you make from it will be equally sheared between us. 

The amount my late father kept in the bank is Ten million five hundred thousand (USD) $10,500,000. My age is 19 years ,It was people that plotted the death of my father,he told me before his death and my mother was late since when i was a baby while am the only child of my parent

If ready to assist me from this scenario, Reply me , So that i can tell you more details of my intention and give explanation.

Thanks in advance

Yours Faithful

Elilian Yao.
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