[pkg-horde] Bug#675586: Acknowledgement (imp4: parsing mail headers is broken since PHP5.4)

Marc Dequènes (Duck) duck at duckcorp.org
Mon Jun 4 02:04:10 UTC 2012

tags 675586 + patch


I investigated this issue, starting from PHP 5.4 incompatible changes.  
According to:
htmlentities and htmlspecialchars have changed in a "will surely break  
lots of websites" way.

I changed a few htmlspecialchars calls (in the provided patch) to not  
trust the new default values for charset-sensitive text fields, and  
succeeded in fixing the mailbox listing, message view, and reply form.  
I'm not 100% certain everything is fixed but at least it should be  
usable again.

Unfortunately, it is very probable other parts of Horde core and apps  
would be affected. I'll open extra bugs if i can spot other problems.


Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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