[pkg-horde] HELLO MY GOOD HART

info info info at access.com.eg
Thu Aug 22 14:09:53 UTC 2013

My name is Miss Sandra damah, female 30 years of a age. I am sending you this message believing that you could help me,As a matter of fact, my late father was killed recently by the politicians and been the only child, i have given it a second thought to re-locate to any were in the world.
Furthermore, i have come to discovered that my late father left up to(9.6m$) with 10 kilo grams of gold which is now with one of the Bank  here in Accra Ghana.
Your main responsibility is to stand on my behalf with your experience and  ensure the total evacuation of the funds and the Gold from  where it is secured at the moment.

Dear i am counting on you believing that you will give me all your support to enable me relocate and after the selling of the gold, you shall assist me invest the fund into a profitable business while i forward in my education in your country.

Please note that your assistance herein will be of mortal benefit to both of us. 



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