[pkg-horde] +/- successful test installation of php-horde-groupware

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 10:40:29 UTC 2013

2013/9/23 Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de>:
> Hi Mathieu,

Hi Mike,

> yesterday I have decided to upgrade my Horde3 instance and I have installed
> a horde test site. I use Kolab as backend and at the time when setting up my
> Horde3 instance, I sent several patches to the upstream BTS of Horde. With
> the upgrade from 3->5 I will proceed similarly.


> I already encountered several issues last night when test-running Horde5 for
> the first time. I will provide patches against the Debian packages and also
> report them upstream once I have any.


> Basically, I am amazed by this fine job you (and maybe others?) did on
> Horde5 packaging for Debian. The package quality has improved tremendously
> compared to Horde3 packages. Really really good work!!! So, if you see bugs
> flooding in within the next weeks, please consider them as purely
> supportive. I am also a DD, so I'd be happy to help out fixing those bugs.

Thanks. The job was easier because upstream (Horde devs) choose to use
a cross-distribution package scheme (i.e PEAR). Gunnar Wrobel has
written "components": a horde app converting PEAR packages to RPM or
debs (with my help). This with my creation of pkg-php-tools (now also
used on most of PEAR packages in Debian) has finished the move to

Having another DD (or DM) would be great. Doc is here ("Our Git repositories"):

> light+love,

Oh good! We need more of those two ;-) Light +love to you too.
> Mike


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