[pkg-horde] Bug#725542: php-horde-ansel: FTBFS: Cannot download non-local package "./ansel-3.0.0/package.xml"

David Suárez david.sephirot at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 19:46:42 UTC 2013

Source: php-horde-ansel
Version: 3.0.0+debian0-1
Severity: serious
Tags: jessie sid
User: debian-qa at lists.debian.org
Usertags: qa-ftbfs-20131006 qa-ftbfs
Justification: FTBFS on amd64


During a rebuild of all packages in sid, your package failed to build on

Relevant part (hopefully):
> This package contains role "horde" and requires package "horde/Role" to be used
> File "config/conf.xml" in directory "<dir name="/">" has invalid role "horde", should be one of cfg, data, doc, php, script, test, www
> This package contains role "horde" and requires package "horde/Role" to be used
> Parsing of package.xml from file "./ansel-3.0.0/package.xml" failed
> Cannot download non-local package "./ansel-3.0.0/package.xml"
> install failed
> dh_auto_install: /usr/bin/pear -c debian/pearrc -d download_dir=/tmp -d include_path=/usr/share/php -d php_bin=/usr/bin/php -d bin_dir=/usr/bin -d php_dir=/usr/share/php -d data_dir=/usr/share/php/data -d doc_dir=/usr/share/doc/php-horde-ansel -d test_dir=/usr/share/php/tests install --offline --nodeps -P /«BUILDDIR»/php-horde-ansel-3.0.0+debian0/debian/php-horde-ansel ./ansel-3.0.0/package.xml returned exit code 1
> make: *** [binary] Error 1

The full build log is available from:

A list of current common problems and possible solutions is available at
http://wiki.debian.org/qa.debian.org/FTBFS . You're welcome to contribute!

About the archive rebuild: The rebuild was done on EC2 VM instances from
Amazon Web Services, using a clean, minimal and up-to-date chroot. Every
failed build was retried once to eliminate random failures.

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