[pkg-horde] Bug#737524: ITP: php5-igbinary -- igbinary extension

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 13:46:21 UTC 2014

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Mathieu Parent <math.parent at gmail.com>

 Package name    : igbinary
 Version         : 1.1.1
 Upstream Author : Pierre Joye, Teddy Grenman
 URL             : http://pecl.php.net/
 License         : PHP like license
 Programming Lang: PHP
 Description     : igbinary extension
Igbinary is a drop in replacement for the standard php serializer. Instead of
	time and space consuming textual representation, igbinary stores php data
	structures in a compact binary form. Savings are significant when using
	memcached or similar memory based storages for serialized data.

I'm packaging this as part of Horde5 packaging.

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