[pkg-horde] Dear Friend,

Mrs. Ishtar Kalif yilmaz.aksu at tu-berlin.de
Wed Jul 9 23:46:30 UTC 2014

Dear Friend,

I know this email will surprise you. Please accept my offer for  
charity plans. My name is Mrs. Ishtar Kalif. I am a rich Syrian woman  
of 66 years. I was married to the director of (FARHI SEAFOOD LTD)  
located in China and Cambodia. I am seriously suffering from the  
poisonous Gas attack that affected us in Damascus last year. My entire  
families died by that attack. My condition is hopeless to survive.

I am using my doctor's android phone to send you this email. I want  
you to take over my funds in Cambodia for charity plans and  
humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees, motherless, less privileged, the  
widows and also in your country. I pray Allah to help us. I will offer  
you 12% from the total funds for your commitment. My lawyer in  
Cambodia will direct and arrange the release of the funds to you.  
Presently I can't reply you. My lawyer contact is stated below.

Barrister. Heng Samnang
E-mail: barrhengsamnang at qq.com
TEL- +855-9786-96133

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