[pkg-horde] Lets do this ASAP

Gary Mann test at kyshipping.co.kr
Mon Jun 15 10:38:09 UTC 2015

My name is Gary Mann; I’m currently a captain of the United States Marine, born in Turin-Italy currently deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan on a covert operation.  I am placing my 26years military career at your mercy contacting you for this partnership and project. My unit recently conducted a black-ops search and seize mission at a particular residence of a known Taliban chieftain and notorious drug lord. We came across a little over $50,000,000.00 in cash.

The four of us debated what to do with the funds and decided to split it between ourselves. Since we are still in active service, I have so far contacted an investment military lawyer who has advised me to get a contingent beneficiary. The funds will be made clean as an investment with a known convenient shop and the proceeds liquidated to my nominated beneficiary. My request is simple, act as my contingent beneficiary and 25% of the total amount will be yours for gratification and partnership. Note that this will be processed under a legitimate framework.

Please this information is for your eyes only as I stand untold risks should a third party learn of this. Please get back to me if you are willing to help me.

Gary Mann.

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