[pkg-horde] Issue with php-horde-editor and ckeditor3

T.A. van Roermund timo at van-roermund.nl
Mon Nov 2 20:28:43 UTC 2015

Dear package Maintainer,

I hope you can help me with the following issue.

I installed the Horde framework (under Debian testing) and noticed that 
name completion did not work in my Imp compose window. When digging into 
the issue, I saw that Firebug actually reported a JS error, which seems 
to stop all (further) JS processing:

"TypeError: CKEDITOR.on is not a function"

After some searching, I found the following bug report:

It says:
"Release to experimental, until ckeditor3 is in the archive"

However, the following bug report seems to indicate that ckeditor3 is 
not going to become available in Debian:

"This package as not been accepted in time for jessie. Let's drop it."

What is the current plan forward?

Or is there no plan and should I better fix it manually (if so, any 
suggestions how)?

Thanks for your support!

Timo van Roermund

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