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Good day and thank you for the attention given to me by taking out time to read my letter. I really appreciate that. My name is Vanessa Garlton and i am a widow from Scotland. 
My life has been shortened due to the result i have of my health as a result of a diagnosis that came out as 
Euphorically Cancer of the Lungs.
My proposition for you is to assist me reach out to the less privileged through charity with the little fund my husband kept safe at a bank, fixed.
Religious background is not a concern but someone with a pure heart and believes in honesty. My soul will rest 
better if they are given out to people i know will really need them rather than allow my husbands family members 
to lavish what i and my husband suffered for years to acquire. This will be willed to you when you agree to carry 
out the instructions contained in this arrangement.
I will inform you on how to share the fund if this letter touches your heart to assist me achieve my last wishes here on 
earth. Please for further information contact me ASAP. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.
Regards, Mrs. Vanessa Garlton.



























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