Dr Abama Bawmge abama.bawmge at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 02:53:23 UTC 2016

Dear Friend,

I  Dr. Abama.Bawmge, chairman and chief operating officer with the Bank of Africa. I want invite into a business overture which involve an amount of $ 22.3 million. At your acceptance, this amount will be transferred to your name as a foreign partner.

I need your help to get this fund to be transfer out from here to your account, and we share at a ratio of 60% for me, while 40% is for you for the assistance that you may require to give during the transferring process of this fund into your account. You will receive this amount by bank transfer.
Please send your full name and your directly phone numbers, and address, and I will details you about this transaction. You have to contact me through my 
Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.
Bank of Africa.(Boa).BF
PhoneNo: +226-66074553,
Fax No: +226-5048355289,
Dr. Abama.Bawmge

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