[pkg-horde] Your Urgent Attention Needed Please.

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Thu Mar 3 13:01:40 UTC 2016


I’m Jadiel Ferreira De Oliveira from Brazil, I was a personal accountant to Paul Lir Alexander is a former Brazilian drug smuggler.

Paul Lir Alexander is a former Brazilian drug smuggler. Born in Santa Catarina, Alexander worked as a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent becoming the leader of a drug-smuggling ring. He was reported to have been among the wealthiest of Rio's drug lords, with an estimated $20million in assets, primarily in the form of real estate. Alexander specialized in sending cocaine to the United States inside electrical transformers. He was arrested by the DEA in 1993, and spent 17 years in prison before disappearing while on a temporary release from a Brazilian prison in 2010.And still in jail till date.

Nevertheless, I got your contact details from the search engine and I went through your profile carefully, decide to contact you for your urgent attention.

Due to my service as the personal accountant to Paul Lir Alexander is a former Brazilian drug smuggler. I was opportune to fly away from the country to an undisclosed (Classified) Place to security with some monies $25.500.000. (Twenty-Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand USD), and a box of jewel (All in consignment delivery boxes).

I need to assistant to help me facilitate/collect deliver boxes from Security Company where it was lodged. I contacted a close diplomat - that helped me lodged the consignment boxes in the security company and he told me to look for a beneficiary/next-kins that is willing and capable of receive this consignment boxes on my behalf, because of my situation at hand.

Please if you are interested in transacting the deal for me. I promise to share consignment goods with you 40% for you, 50% for me and 10% for charity service in your country. I also wish to invest in your country

Kindly get in touch with me via my email: (jadielferreira.deoliveira at accountant.com). For more details on how to contact security vault company.

Thanks for your co-operation and understanding.

I will send you a copy of my international passport for verification/assurance.

Best Regards,
Jadiel Ferreira De Oliveira

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