[pkg-horde] Bug#859048: Bug#859048: Attachment check hook prevents IMP smartmobile view to send message with 'attachment' word when there's no attachment

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 07:31:21 UTC 2017

2017-03-29 21:28 GMT+02:00 Leonardo Bruno <leobruno at gmail.com>:
> Package: php-horde-imp
> Version: 6.2.2-3
> Severity: important
> Scenario: Compose a message using the IMP smartmobile view in a Horde setup
> with the 'attach_body_check' enabled.
> Symptoms: When using the IMP smartmobile view, it will not be possible to
> send a message without attachments if in the message body text there is any
> of the keywords defined in the 'attach_body_check' IMP hook function.
> The first attempt to send will show a warning message informing that no
> attachments are indeed present, as it is expected. However, the following
> attempts present the same behavior: a message warns about the absence of
> attachments and the message is not sent. It will only be sent if: 1) you
> remove the keyword(s) from the message, or 2) add some attachment, or 3)
> disable the hook.
> Remarks:
> 1. Only the smartmobile view is affected.
> 2. The tests where performed with the default Horde and IMP prefs. The only
> hooke enabled is 'attach_body_check'.
> 3. This issue affects the upcoming php-horde-imp stable package (version
> 6.2.17-1) in Debian stretch.
> 4. I chose to mark this report as 'important' as the smartmobile view
> actually is a must-have feature, and there is no way to deactivate the
> 'attach_body_check' only for this view.

This is probably related to #749799.

Help on this is appreciated.



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