[pkg-horde] URGENT

Mrs.Caroline Chavezi mrscarolinechavezi11 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 13 00:50:18 UTC 2017

My Dearest One,

This is Mrs.Caroline Chavezi from Trinidad &Tobago. I am writing from the hospital in London , therefore  this mail is very urgent as you can see
that I'm dying in the hospital which I don't know what  tomorrow will be.

I was told by my doctor that I was poisoned and has got my liver damaged and can only live for some  months. I inherited some money ($10.7 Million)
from my late father and I cannot think of anybody  trying to kill me apart from my step mother in order to inherit the money, she is from Ghana by
nationality base in London.

I want you to contact my servant with this information below:

Servant: Mr.Chukwuma James
Address: 28 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EJ, UK.
Email  : servantjameschukwuma28 at outlook.com

She will give you the documents of the money and will direct you to a well known lawyer that I have  appointed to her, the lawyer will assist you to
change the documents of the money to your name to  enable the bank transfer the money to you.

This is the favor I need when you have gotten the money :-

(1) Give 20% of the money to my servant Mr.Chukwuma James as she has been there for me through my  illness and I have promised to support her in

(2) Give 30% of the money to handicap people and charity organization, then the remaining one is  yours.

If I don't hear from you, I will look for another person or an organization.

Please do not forget to contact Mr.Chukwuma James May Almighty God bless you and use you to  accomplish my wish.

Pray for me always.
Mrs.Caroline Chavezi

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