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Dear sir,

My name is Mefia Mensa,I am a young girl of 20 years old, My country of Origin is Cape Verde Island. My parents, Mr. and Mrs.lomogan Mensa died on ghastly Air craft crash in December 23rd, 2010 in Sao Tome and Principe, on there way to Lebanon.
When my parents died in December 2010, I was the only child and 13 years old then. My Father was an oil merchant in Singapore for twelve years while my mother was hotel management consultants. Both of them works together as lovely couples in the business level.

Two years after my parents died, my relatives forced me into marriage against my wish, I married a 38 years old man. My relatives said the man would give me protection as tradition demands in my country. I never knew the marriage I went into until my first pregnancy at 16 years old. The man planned with my family members and shared my late parent's belongings. When I complained, I was locked up in a room and was giving a beating of my life. The beatings continued until I lost my pregnancy. None of my relatives said anything positive to help me.

I was fast losing my life until the police rescued me and I was legally divorced. The terror I passed through in the hands of my family members are tormenting. I saw hell and I was up a creak without a paddle.
Please my purpose of writing you this message is that, I want to seek refugee in your country and to further my education. I have finished my secondary education and wish to further my education to Masters Degree level or more. Because of what I passed through, I cannot go back to my relatives again because my parents are no more and I have no siblings to share my life with. Hence I started nursing the idea of taking refugee in another country, I went to my father's home save box for my school papers and International passport, and birth certificate, It was also in the boxes that I discovered papers of my father's bank check where he made a deposit valued at 20Million Dollars with overseas bank.

The fund was for a proposed hotel project in Sierra Leone before my parents died. Please I wish to present you as the beneficiary of the US$20M to the bank where my late father made the huge deposit so the bank can release the funds to you as the rightful beneficiary of the funds since I cannot claim the funds myself as all my relatives evil eyes are around me.

All the documents as regards to the funds is also in the box which I have  to present to you as soon as we are able to establish a cordial relationship.
We can work with the fund through getting a university admission for me in your country. With the University admission, I can get a visa easily and come to your

The most important thing is my education. You can invest the fund in a lucrative business as I am a little girl who does not have any idea in the business field.
Please your loving kindness and helping hand will help an orphan like me. I am going through a traumatic pains here.

I wait for your urgent reply.

Mefia Mensa

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