Mr.Alausa Saidu eufatfodepartment at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 17:15:57 UTC 2017

Attn: Mr./Mrs ,

This letter should not be a surprise to you because I am quite sure
that you will understand fully the reason why you are receiving this
mail letter. However, we understand that you have tried to receive
your consignment box worth million of US Dollars and Euros and all
your efforts has proven abortive and I write to inform you that you
can now receive your consignment box from our security vault in
Belgium (Printing and Melting security vault) without paying a cent to
by becoming a card carrier holder with the World-Wild Organization.

In this regards, note that you will required to visit our office in
Belgium to register and obtain your membership card and once this is
done, your consignment box will be release to you from our security
vault at once.

Further note that it will only cost you Euros 5,000.00 to register and
obtain your membership card and also note that you can also use this
card to receive your consignment box from any of our annex security
vault in any part world without paying a cent. Also, note that this
membership card will enable you to access your consignment box and
cross-check the content and also take some legal tender notes for your

So therefore, if you are interested to become a card carrier
membership holder with our organization (World-Wild Organization) I
urge you to revert back to me now for further directives.

Thank for your understanding and yours in service
Mr. Alausa Saidu
Canvasser for (World-Wild Organization)

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