[pkg-horde] This Must Remain Secrete

James Odili ernestrodney71 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 08:12:47 UTC 2018

Good Day to you,

This letter should have reached you by post because of its highly
confidential nature but in these days of internet speed and issues,
this seems to be the most, take-a-chance, direct means of contact. I
crave your discreet indulgence herein should you be inclined towards
this brief.

I am one of the members of the Special Committee for Budget and
Planning at the Ministry of Petroleum. This committee is principally
for Federal Government contract appraisals and approval in order of
priorities as regards capital projects in Nigeria.

With my position, I have successfully secured the sum of Twenty Seven
million, Five hundred thousand dollars (US$27.5M). This amount was
accumulated from assumed mark-up on any disbursed invoice, for example
NOSDRA (National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency) account for
2015 is USD 349,978,185,874.21 and NIMASA (Nigerian Maritime
Administration and Safety Agency) 2014 spill-over account is USD580,
986,085,732.98. Hence after $350 billion is drawn and exhausted, the
mumbo-jumbo of how 978,185,874.21 checks out is my business. Together
with some of top officials of The Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation and the Federal Ministry of Finance, we found that these
withdrawals were previously not accounted for nor were these excesses
ever balanced since inception of crude oil accountancy in the
NNPC/Federal Ministry of Finance in Nigeria.

I plan to transfer this amount accumulated overtime, into an overseas
account via our Federal Ministry of Finance, by awarding you an
already existent and paid off contract from my ministry (NNPC). To
this effect, I decided to contact you and ask for your assistance.
What I need from you is to provide an existing account and your vital
identification to stand as this contract executor.

We have concluded to compensate the owner of the account for this
transaction with 45% of the total amount remitted. We shall keep 50%
and remaining 5% reserved for taxes. Finally, the confidence and trust
reposed on you cannot be over emphasized judging from the caliber of
personnel involved.

Please consider within yourself to come in with us or not, with the
unequivocal promise not to jeopardize each other in any way. I
represent my senior colleagues without fear, having taken meticulous
time to perfect the sequence of government protocol and transfer. This
contact to you is hereby left to fate that we pray to encounter a
reasonable business-minded individual. Do kindly contact me urgently
for our easier communication.Meanwhile your home email,address,and
phone numbers are
highly needed to enable us complete the deal.

Yours sincerely
James Odili

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