[pkg-horde] GOOD MORNING ( 03/16/2018)

Andrea Brown vlinwon at asia.com
Sat Mar 17 23:40:46 UTC 2018

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Content preview:  The Beneficiary, Estate of Engr. Brian Thomas. I wish to notify
   you that I like to enlisted you as a beneficiary to the bequest of some funds
   in US dollars [Amount to be disclosed later] in the codicil and last testament
   of my deceased Client. The late Mr.Brian Thomas until his death was a former
   Managing Director and pioneer staff of a big construction company in China
   and later invested in poultry farm and rice. He established himself as a
  wealthy farmer in Asia where he exported rice and other poultry produce. He
   was a very dedicated man and a great philanthropist during his lifetime.
  He involved himself in helping people by giving invest able loans in agriculture
   and health care ventures. Late Mr.Brian Thomas died on 9th March 2010 at
  the age of 78. He has since been buried on the 23rd of March 2014. He was
  a US citizen, lived in Asia all through his active years but later moved down
   to London UK due to long-term illness where he died in a specialist hospital.
   He was married but without a child and lost his wife in 1986 due to breast
   cancer. [...] 

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