[Pkg-ime-devel] Alternative README.Debian proposal

Simon Richter sjr@debian.org
Thu, 28 Oct 2004 10:14:18 +0200

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>  scim-m17n and libm17n-0  (for all languages: Arabic, Thai, Greek, ...)
>  anthy and (scim-m17n or scim-uim) (for Japanese)

If Japanese belongs to "all languages", does that mean the user has to
install scim-m17n anyway, so noone will use scim-uim?

>  (prime or canna) and scim-uim     (for alternative Japanese)

I think it may be worth adding a metapackage scim-japanese with proper
dependencies (are these right?)

Depends: anthy | prime | canna, scim-uim | anthy, scim-m17n | scim-uim

Results should be (not tested, am in bit of a hurry):

 - apt-get install scim-japanese
    =3D> install first alternative, anthy
    =3D> skip scim-uim since anthy is already marked for installation
    =3D> install scim-m17n
 - apt-get install scim-uim scim-japanese
    =3D> install first alternative, anthy
    =3D> do nothing, both installed already
    =3D> skip scim-m17n since scim-uim is already marked for installation
 - apt-get install prime scim-japanese
    =3D> install prime
    =3D> skip anthy since prime is there
    =3D> install scim-uim
    =3D> skip scim-m17n
 - apt-get install canna scim-japanese

> Other package to consider are:
>  scim-table-zh, scim-table-ko, scim-table-ja, scim-tables-additional

When should I as a sysadmin consider installing these tables?

> Now press Ctrl-Space should switch input from English and Japanese.  If
> you have a notification area on the panel, there would also be an icon
> there indicating the status of scim.

Ctrl-Space or Shift-Space? (I use anthy, and it seems to be Shift-Space
for me)

   Simon (who tries the packages now)

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