[Pkg-ime-devel] revised-repost: Depends, gconf, font

Osamu Aoki osamu@debian.org
Fri, 29 Oct 2004 01:26:30 +0200

(Another repost with some additonal comments)


I have hardtime understanding what all these SCIM packages do.
I just made a relationship picture.

application side
Qt_IMModule---(scim-server-socket)--++    ++-> (scim-config-socket)
                                    ||    ||
GTK2_IMModule-(scim-server-socket)--++    ++-> (scim-config-gconf)
(scim-gtk2-immodule)                ||    ||
                                    ||    ||
                                    \/    \/
XIM  --------------------------------(scim)
                                        +------- IM Engines
                                                      UIM is used to
                                                      support Japanese

Double lines are "socket" thus can be on another machine. (But normally
on the same machine.)  So "Recommends:" is good enough.

Based on this, I edited these dependency in packages.  I hope I did not
break any.

* gconf2
Do we need to put this for all packages as "Depends:"?
I understand this is only needed for scim-config-gconf, but why others?

>>> Maybe this is needed in some postinst calls.

* fonts
Depends: ... ttf-arphic-gbsn00lp, ... are good attempts for Chinese.
But should this be really here?  Recommends: seems more appropriate
considering many alternative character data available.

Is this right thing to do.  We need Japanese font and Korean font for
scim-japanese and scim-hangul.  Maybe a good idea but font choice is
difficult one.