[Pkg-ime-devel] Alternative README.Debian proposal

Yooseong Yang yooseong@debian.org
Fri, 29 Oct 2004 09:44:56 +0900

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> source package by adding entry to debian/control?
> > > Other package to consider are:
> > >  scim-table-zh, scim-table-ko, scim-table-ja, scim-tables-additional
> >=20
> > When should I as a sysadmin consider installing these tables?
> Achademic interest :-)  As far as I can tell for scim-table-ja, these
> are useless for practical Japanese input.=20

AFAIK, korean input method does not need to use the scim-table.=20

> > > Now press Ctrl-Space should switch input from English and Japanese.  =
> > > you have a notification area on the panel, there would also be an icon
> > > there indicating the status of scim.
> >=20
> > Ctrl-Space or Shift-Space? (I use anthy, and it seems to be Shift-Space
> > for me)

JOOC, Ctrl+Space is the default switching toggle from english to japanese?
What's the main input method for japanese or chinese?=20
Korean users mainly use either "imhangul" or "nabi" which gives lots of ide=
as for scim-hangul.=20
When it comes to XFT2, many korean show their back to the previous input
method, "ami". What about janpanese or chineses?

> Hahaha,   Try it.  scim require you to be started with Ctrl-Space and it
> activate small panel.  If anthy is selected, Shift-Space toggles anthy
> mode <-> english mode while scim panel is on.
> Osamu



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