[Pkg-ime-devel] Status of scim 1.2.x packages

AWASHIRO Ikuya ikuya@oooug.jp
Sat, 25 Jun 2005 23:02:30 +0900


I'm very sorry for my late response.

Ming Hua wrote:
> Okay that's about it.  The source and binary packages can be obtained
> from
>     http://chinese.alioth.debian.org/scim-experimental/
> or sources.list line
>     deb http://chinese.alioth.debian.org scim-experimental/
> There are also my scim-pinyin (formerly known as scim-chinese) packages
> built against scim 1.2.
Your packages don't show FrontEnd Panel at scim-setup.
Please add this line at debian/rules.
So may be it will work fine.

> So scim module maintainers, I would ask you to test these scim 1.2
> packages if you have time, and port your module package to scim 1.2.  It
> should not be hard because scim 1.2 is mostly API compatible with 1.0,
> and there should be 1.2 compatible releases from upstream already.
for sid:
deb http://everybody.good-day.net/~ikuya/other/sid/experimental/scim/ ./
deb-src http://everybody.good-day.net/~ikuya/other/sid/experimental/scim/ ./
for sarge:
deb http://everybody.good-day.net/~ikuya/other/sarge/experimental/scim/ ./
http://everybody.good-day.net/~ikuya/other/sarge/experimental/scim/ ./

> I would also like to push 1.2 packages into experimental as soon as
> possible, but I know Osamu is still settling down from the moving, and
> probably don't have time or Internet access to sponsor me.  So I'll
> wait.
I think they should push unstable instead of experimental.
What do you think about it?

> Oh and by the way, with scim 1.2 avaiable, there is a new module
> scim-input-pad good for packaging.  If no one else would like to take
> it, I'll file ITP this weekend.
I try to use scim-input-pad on my Japanese environment, and works fine.
Thank you.

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