[Pkg-ime-devel] scim-prime, scim-anthy, scim-skk etc.

AWASHIRO Ikuya ikuya@oooug.jp
Mon, 16 May 2005 02:44:00 +0900

Thank you for your advice.
It was very good study for me.

I uploaded scim-anthy, scim-prime, and scim-skk's packages with new 
upstream release and/or fixed problems.

scim-skk needs more test.

kasumi doesn't have man page because I don't know how to write man (now 
I'm learning...)
Please wait until finish.

scim-wnn renamed "honoka".
I'll follow it some time.

So, Packages I will file ITP are scim-anthy. scim-prime and kasumi.
Maybe next are scim-skk and honoka.

Mike Hommey wrote:
> Anyways, scim-qtimm is not buildable, since debian's qt is not patched
> for its use:
> The Qt library was not compiled with the qt-immodule patch applied
> please download it from
> http://immodule-qt.freedesktop.org/Software/ImmoduleQtDownload and
> recompile Qt.
immqt packages available from here:
deb http://everybody.good-day.net/~ikuya/debian/sarge/immqt3-mp/ ./
I'm sorry I forget to write this.

> (Note there's a typo in the usage information for kasumi (kasumi -h),
> "versoin" instead of "version")
I reported upstream author, thanks.

> When you'll have packaged newer versions (released, as of writing) and made
> these corrections, drop me a line, I'll sponsor your packages (don't
> forget the ITPs and the Closes: #nnn in the changelog).
Please wait some days..

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