[Pkg-ime-devel] RFS: scim-kmfl-imengine

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Fri Dec 14 17:29:57 UTC 2007

On Tue, Dec 11, 2007 at 09:37:07AM -0800, Doug Rintoul wrote:
> Ming Hua wrote:
>> Scim package is already set up to handle all_ALL, it just doesn't set it


>> to default (and it shouldn't). I believe no packages that currently use
>> im-switch change all_ALL by default. 
> Can you explain what you mean by scim being set up to handle all_ALL? On 
> all the Debian and Ubuntu systems I have seen 
> /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/all_ALL is linked to 
> /etc/alternatives/xinput-all_ALL which is linked to 
> /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/default. From what I can see, since all_ALL is 
> ultimately linked to default, then the default behaviour for any locale 
> which does not have an input method explicitly assigned to it via im-switch 
> is to have no input method. 


> Is it that 
> /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives/xinput-all_ALL has entries for both scim and 
> scim-immodule, and thus provides the ability to use im-switch or 
> update-alternatives to set the im for all_ALL to scim or scim-immodule? 

Yes if the local administrator decide.  But you shoud not do this as

> I 
> think a light bulb just went on in my head and I now understand the 
> alternative system a bit better.
>> I feel the best way to handle the
>> situation in scim-kmfl-engine is to have a debconf question explaining
>> the need to use GTK+ IM module, then offer to set it, with default to no
>> (I still don't think it shouldn't be changed unless the user/admin
>> explicitly asks). And when the answer to the question is yes, do things
>> along the line of "update-alternatives --set xinput-all_ALL
>> /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim-immodule" or "im-switch -z all_ALL -s
>> scim-immodule".
> This makes sense. 

Not really to me.  This is getting too complicated and there are cases
people can be surprized.  Instead of arguing over im-switch, What should
happen is redesign of scim for simplicity with redesigned im-switch.

(You can do the same with current im-switch but it will be more mess)

I am thinking along:

= SCIM =
1. /etc/defaults/scim should store few variables
2. im-switch place similar hook script to X.
3. The hook script checks alternative system and if it finds scim is
   current choice, it start /usr/share/scim/hook.
4. /usr/share/scim/hook is executed:
   If SCIM is ACTIVE, execute really hook script contents.
     First, check ~/.scim -> if exist execute it.
     Second, check IMMODE, and execute accordingly.

= debconf of scim in postinst =
All question should honor current /etc/defaults/scim is default
1. low priority for SCIM variable : debconf defualt = ACTIVE
2. low priority for IMMODE variable : debconf defualt = XIM
   (if invoked, it should tell negatives of immodule in general with C++
   issues etc while telling good things for scim-kmfl-imengine.)
3. locale in /etc/scim/global value for /SupportedUnicodeLocales: 
   debconf defualt = en_US.UTF-8
   (high priority if locale is not in en_US.UTF-8 nor (one of CJK).UTF-8
   and ACTIVE, otherwise low priority)

= debconf of scim-kmfl-imengine in postinst =
1. In postinst, if it finds SCIM not to be set for IMMODULE in 
   /etc/defaults/scim, ask question using the template from scim as high

> Right now, I am anxious to get scim-kmfl-imengine into 
> Debian before Dec. 13 since this is the cut off date for Ubuntu's Hardy 
> Heron. I am not sure if this is possible now, but if it would make it 
> easier for a sponsor to upload kmfl to Debian, I would be willing to forgo 
> having scim-kmfl-imengine do any postint/prerm. Perhaps I would add it at a 
> later date, when all the ramifications have been sorted out.

I did not know it.

I recommend not to do anything in postinst.  Just write README.Debian
and explain how admin should configure SCIM.

> A quick search on the web shows that kmfl is being used with Ubuntu/Debian 
> distros despite there not being a complete version in Debian. It would be 
> good to make it official.


> Doug Rintoul.


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