[Pkg-ime-devel] RFS: scim-waitzar, libwaitzar (re-submission) Attn: Paul Wise

S'orlok Reaves sorlok_reaves at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 9 07:27:52 UTC 2009

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going on a mini-vacation this weekend, so I worked a bit extra 
to implement your suggestions early --they were all pretty simple to nail down.


> Would it be possible to make the private/removed symbols not exported,
> so that applications cannot link against them and dpkg-gensymbols
> doesn't find them?
Yep, I've marked them all as either HIDDEN or libwaitzar1. (Done)

> Are you able to ship the spec in the source package and generate
> Myanmar.model from the spec at build time? Or ship a myanmar-spec
> source package that builds and installs the the Model file?
Unfortunately, no. The model generator source is not available for release, sorry.

> 1.2Mb * 13 arches * ??? mirrors adds up to a lot. 
> Maybe you could drop the docbook source from the binary package?
Actually, re-reading my original email on this, I come across as rather lazy. Nevermore to that! 
I've re-factored the docbook stuff into scim-waitzar-doc, and put only the pdf into scim-waitzar
(since most people just want the result, not the docbook source).

I've never made a "-doc" package before, so I'm not sure I did it correctly. For example, I just had 
it ".install" every file into /usr/share/doc/scim-waitzar, instead of /usr/share/doc/scim-waitzar-doc 
--this seems more sensible to me, since the "doc"umentation describes how to use scim-waitzar, not 

> debian/README (libwaitzar and scim-waitzar) doesn't appear to be nessecary 
Merged it into the upstream README; thanks for pointing this out.

> In debian/watch (libwaitzar and scim-waitzar), [.] is just like \. but slightly longer.
Replaced [.] with \. (done)

> It appears that the GNU GPL v2 and Apache 2.0 licences are
> incompatible (GPLv3 is though)
I received written confirmed from KaNaung's developer that I can re-license the 
relevant files for use in libwaitzar. I've marked those files explicitly in 
both the debian copyright file and the source comments.

> Should you add ttf-sil-padauk to Suggests?
Yes. (done)

> http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat
I was under the impression that the debian copyright file format was just free-form text,
restricted only by content. However, I'm willing to refactor my copyrights into this
format --is this proposal nearing acceptance, and do you think it will become the
new standard? I'd be happy to get a jump on future updates. ;)

> need to handle DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=n" in debian/rules, see
> policy for an example.
Found the example and integrated it. (done)

> I note that you ship waitzar_users_guide.pdf instead of generating it
It generates on build now. I'm a little concerned with the fact that this (fop + docbook)
nearly doubles the length of my builds-depends, but I've tested it from every angle, so...

> Not sure I like how you put all the images in a tarball instead of a subdirectory
> either.
Fair enough; I've added images/ and fonts/ to the distro. Actually, this is a good QC measure 
for me, to make sure that I'm "eating my own dog food" when it comes to generating WZ's docs.

And, for the record, all packages are "lintian -i -I -E" clean, and work as expected.

I'll be back on Tuesday; hope all you developers out there have a nice weekend. 


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