[Pkg-ime-devel] Update on "MyOS" and scim-waitzar/libwaitzar (Attn. Paul Wise)

S'orlok Reaves sorlok_reaves at yahoo.com
Thu May 7 09:49:33 UTC 2009

Good evening,
  Paul, a while ago, you suggested that the Burmese community should have something like KhmerOS. The purpose of this email is to update the Debian developers on how the Burmese community responded to this idea, and to ask for advice on submitting scim-waitzar (again) for review, or, if that is inadvisable, to an unofficial repository.

  The Burmese responded positively to the khmerOS suggestion, setting up a central wiki for translators and localization:
  At the moment, resources are too limited to do anything else, but this is an excellent start. This wiki allows us to consolidate information and hopefully resolve issues such as the various non-conformant encodings of Burmese. Open Office 3.1 features a Burmese locale; once other tools have been translated, we can get more involved with the issue of education and training.

  In related news, version 1.7 of Win-WaitZar is due for release next week. This is significant to Linux users, as it features an improvement in libwaitzar, which will be featured in the next release of scim-waitzar. (I have to shift my development time back and forth between the two; I can't work on both at once). In particular, it allows "pat-sint" words, prominent in early Buddhist literature, to be typed with greater ease.

  From my email history, I've noticed that scim-waitzar-1.0.0 is still awaiting sponsorship, with no major suggestions for improvement. In another email, Paul, you stated that you are not able to sponsor any packages at the moment. If that is the case, I was wondering if you could either recommend someone to sponsor scim-waitzar, or inform me of an unofficial repository I can submit scim-waitzar to (similar to rpmfusion, but for Deiban instead of Fedora). I am in no way ungrateful of the expertise you have shared with me; rather, I just want to upload a stable package (1.0.0) before I start working on 1.0.1. It is my belief that scim-waitzar fulfills a real and pressing need in the open-source community: to my knowledge there is NO other romanised input method for Burmese typists using Debian, and we have reports of people using scim-waitzar on Ubuntu and Fedora (thanks to alien) as well.

  Finally, is any Debian mentor able to comment on the new "ibus" infrastructure? Fedora seems to be intent on replacing scim with ibus; is Debian also moving that way?

Hope all is going well with the mentors. Have a good evening,


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