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kefu chai tchaikov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 13:00:12 UTC 2010

On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 7:47 PM, Thomas Goirand <thomas at goirand.fr> wrote:
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>> liang,
>> some thoughts about the open-gram package:
>> open-gram source package is used to generate sunpinyin-data. it's OK.
>> but the Makefile script has a potential issue:
>>   - tslmpack and genpyt can only generate binary data works ONLY for
>> the same endian of host machine. and if we want to cross-compile the
>> package, it could generate wrong data files.
>>   - since there are only two kind of data files: big-endian,
>> small-endian. so "Architecture: any" may not appropriate. The data
>> package take more space than necessary on the Debian mirrors. My
>> suggestion is that we have two package sunpinyin-data-le,
>> sunpinyin-data-be. both of them are "Architecture: all".
> How then will you make it so that the correct
> package will be pulled by dependancies?

then we can tell the dependencies by looking at $DEB_BUILD_ARCH, like
I did here ( http://github.com/sunpinyin/sunpinyin/blob/master/debian/rules#L39

> FYI, buildd systems in Debian are NOT using cross
> compilation.

thanks for point it out. that's a great relief for me.

> One other issue I saw with the ibus-sunpinyin is
> that it doesn't have the needed dependencies for
> libsunpinyin0 and its data. Please add it!

s/libsunpinyin0/libsunpinyin3/ =)

> Thomas

Kov Chai

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